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Cooking Failures

Experimentation in the kitchen gone wrong!

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All Members , Moderated
Share your culinary abominations!

Cooking Failures can be funny, sad, dangerous and charming. They can be cookies with the consistency of rubber, soup with the chemical compounds of napalm, glass-and-cream pie and wonky cake decorations. For those lost causes who are incapable of success in the culinary arts and feel they're directly descended from Lucille Ball, there is now a community for you!

Cooking Failures aims to chronicle its members misadventures in the culinary arts. Share your experiences in the battlefield that is the modern kitchen, by posting pictures of your food abominations, recipes that have rendered innocent ingredients into something completely inedible, or even share funny stories about past experiences and give advice to those who need it!

Note: On the 10 November 2008, we reached 100 members! Thanks everybody; let's aim for five hundred. :D

General Rules
Be nice about others' cooking failures - the idea of the community is to laugh with each other, not at each other.
Keep language and pictures tasteful - this is a child-friendly, work-safe community, so put long rants with swears under lj-cuts with warnings, and no dirty photos. Though since the photos should be of your cooking, I don't really see how it could be.
Try to use capital letters, punctuation and proper spelling and grammar when posting here. It's not necessary, but it is appreciated!

Recipes - feel free to post recipes that worked along with your kitchen failures, or the recipes that contributed to your cooking catastrophe.
Pictures - these are very much loved, but keep them small (roughly 400x400) and put multiple pictures under a lj-cut.
Questions - keep questions to a minimum, and preferably post them with a story or picture of your bad cooking.
Spam - we don't allow generally allow spam, but if it's cooking-related you may post it. If it isn't, it will be deleted, and if a user spams the community more than once they will be banned.

Finding entries - all entries are tagged accordingly, so use the tags if you're trying to find something. The most funny or interesting kitchen tales will be put in the memories. You can also try using the LJ Seek tool at the bottom of the user info.
Community FAQ - you can ask for help regarding the community here, if you need it.

If you'd like to be an affiliate of this community, comment here and ask! You can also link back to this community by using any of the banners found here or a text link if you so desire.

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